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National Range Day 2023 was a huge success with over 300 registered participants and more than 500 people in attendance throughout the day.

If you’ve ever wanted to try archery or shooting a pistol or rifle, Range Day is a free, family-friendly environment where you’ll receive one-on-one training on how to safely operate a firearm. Almost all shooting at Range Day is done with beginner-friendly 22 calibre rifles and pistols because they are quieter and produce very little recoil. For 2024 we have child-sized 22LR rifles for ages 5 and up.

Cowboy Action is a competitive multigun discipline where competitors dress in period appropriate clothing and shoot old west pistols, rifles and shotguns to hit a predetermined number of targets the fastest.

Be sure to catch one of the live demonstrations of IPSC, a competitive shooting discipline where competitors are scored on their time and accuracy as they progress through a course. You can also try shooting an IPSC 9mm competition pistol between demonstrations.